Chris Lamberth


8/1: Arlington Drafthouse (Arlington, VA) 7:30PM & 10:00PM
8/2: Arlington Drafthouse (Arlington, VA) 7:30PM & 10:00PM
8/3: The Knitting Factory (Brooklyn, NY) 9:00PM
8/5: Eastville Comedy Club (NYC) 9:00PM
8 /7: Little Skips (Brooklyn, NY) 9:00PM
8/08: BRIT Pack Theater (NYC) 8:00PM
8/13: Tandem Bar (Brooklyn, NY) 9:30PM
8/23: UCBeast (NYC) 11:30PM
8/27: Over The Eight (Brooklyn, NY) 8:00PM
9/02: Carolines on Broadway (NYC) 7:30PM
9/12: Mara's Cafe & Bakery (Fanwood, NJ) 8:30PM

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Meet The Comics: Miguel Dalmau, Chris Lamberth, & Dan Perlman | America's Comedy

How do you make the mundane funny?  Simple: Just let Chris Lamberth handle it.  With his podcast showThe Mundane Festival, Lamberth turned a reluctant idea into an avenue for creativity.  “I wanted to do one, and I kind of put it on the back burner.  I just said, ‘Everybody has a podcast.  What would my angle be?’” recalls Lamberth, “I was talking to a good buddy of mine, Damien Lemon, and I said, ‘Everybody has a podcast.’  And he said, ‘Well, everybody does, but you would have your own.’”  Lamberth knew going forward with the podcast was a good idea based off his respect for Lemon and by learning the technical aspects via another friend and fellow comic, Paul Virzi.  Having a college background in both theater and radio production, Lamberth was well suited and multitalented to take on the modern world of broadcasting.  
Diverse in his topics, Lamberth utilizes his sense of humor to give his take on everything from movies, music, and sports to his day-to-day experiences.  His interviews with guests sound natural as they get into discussions giving listeners the sense of sitting amongst friends with mutual experiences.  The Mundane Festival also serves as a vehicle for Lamberth to network and connect with fellow artists he admires in addition to gaining new ideas for stand-up material.  “I… really do enjoy it.  And I think it’s forcing me to live my life, you know, to actually do stuff.  So I can talk about it, comment on it, and it helps with the stand up,” quips Lamberth.
Lamberth’s stand up career began in 2009 after living in New York for roughly two years.  Previously, Lamberth had worked frequently as an actor in Chicago, but had hit a slow point while residing in New York.  By consistently getting on stage, capitalizing off his podcast, and appearing in entertaining side projects, Lamberth became a part of the New York comedy scene.  On September 2nd, he will be headlining the “Breakout Artist Comedy Series” show at Caroline’s on Broadway.  To see where Lamberth will be next, check out or @chrislamberth on Twitter and Instagram. His podcast The Mundane Festival can be enjoyed on iTunes, Stitcher, and Podbean. Tickets for his performance at Caroline’s can be found here.

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The Alamo Drafthouse (Yonkers, NY)