Chris Lamberth


9/01: Bar Matchless (Brooklyn, NY) 8:30PM
9/02: Carolines on Broadway (NYC) 7:30PM
9/12: Mara's Cafe & Bakery (Fanwood, NJ) 8:30PM


Come laugh this way on Labor Day with: Mark Normand (Conan), Byron Bowers (Adult Swim, Comedy Central), Chris Lamberth, Neko White, & Special Guests. Bar Matchless, 830 doors, 9pm show. FREE!
9/2/14: An Evening With Chris Lamberth @CarolinesonBway (NYC) 7:30PM. Get tickets online at and use the coupon code “Breakout” for a great discount.
8/27: Hot Crowd @ Over The Eight (Brooklyn, NY) 8:00PM
2014 Jackie Robinson West Little League World Series Team (Chicago, IL) #LLWS


Episode 391 - I’m The Rillest

Once again, we’re joined today by Chris Lamberth. In this podcast, we discuss music sensations Sam Smith and Iggy Azalea. After that, we try to make sense of a guy who thinks you shouldn’t masturbate. Then, we talk about a post show story involving Chris, an audience member, and a big misunderstanding. We also get into some talk about woman problems, and the time Chris auditioned for Teen Summit. And the show ends with a musical reprise from last week.

Episode 390 - Nobody Bothers Me

Not only are we back at full strength this week with the return of Randolph and Tim, but we’re at extra strength with special guest Chris Lamberth. In this episode, we discuss pajamas, needy guys, and what happens when cock blocking goes wrong. Then, Randolph gives us the play-by-play of his family reunion last week. And we close things out with a few thoughts on the recent Stephen A. Smith controversy.