Chris Lamberth


4/22: Eve's Lounge (Brooklyn, NY) 7:30PM
5/01: Carolines (NYC) 7:30PM
5/02: Carolines (NYC) 7:30PM & 10:00PM
5/03: Carolines (NYC) 7:30PM, 10:00PM & 11:59PM
5/07: 120 Bay Cafe (Staten Island, NY) 8:00PM
5/15: UCB East (NYC) 7:00PM
5/23: Red Star (Brooklyn, NY) 7:30PM
6/04: Carolines (NYC) 7:00PM
6/10: Dish Restaurant (Brooklyn, NY) 8:00PM

#167 Chris Lamberth
Apr 10, 2014

Joe talks to Chris Lamberth! Listen here.
May 1st - 3rd: Chris Hardwick & Mike Lawrence @ Carolines on Broadway (NYC)
Art at a gallery in Chapel Hill, NC (Circa 2011)
Go see The Foreign Exchange (@FEOfficial) whenever they’re in your town. Their music is top notch.