Chris Lamberth


9/17: Levity Live (West Nyack, NY) 8:00PM
9 /18: Levity Live (West Nyack, NY) 7:30PM
9/24: The Stand Comedy Club (NYC) 10:00PM
9/29: Littlefield (Brooklyn, NY) 8:00PM
10/28: The Irish Exit (NYC) 8:00PM

9.12.14. “Comedians For Canines” @ Mara’s Cafe & Bakery (Fanwood, NJ) 8:30PM
Lawrence & Rock

Come laugh this way on Labor Day with: Mark Normand (Conan), Byron Bowers (Adult Swim, Comedy Central), Chris Lamberth, Neko White, & Special Guests. Bar Matchless, 830 doors, 9pm show. FREE!
9/2/14: An Evening With Chris Lamberth @CarolinesonBway (NYC) 7:30PM. Get tickets online at and use the coupon code “Breakout” for a great discount.
8/27: Hot Crowd @ Over The Eight (Brooklyn, NY) 8:00PM